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The Ohio Workforce Development Revolving Loan Fund promotes and encourages Ohio’s workforce development and job growth through educational training and retraining in programs related to employment opportunities in growing fields. Institutions must qualify as eligible institutions, and their respective workforce training and education programs must be approved by the Chancellor in order for students in those programs to be eligible for loans under the Loan Program. The funds awarded to institutions will be disbursed in the form of loans to borrowers (students enrolled in approved workforce training programs at participating institutions). The objective of each program is to demonstrate that completion of the workforce training program will directly impact the ability of borrowers (students) to advance their careers and education.

This loan program supports students interested in career, trade and professional programs. These training programs are conducted by colleges and private schools focused on providing skills needed in the workplace and supported by programs designated as eligible for this purpose by the Department of Higher Education. Eligible programs for this workforce development loan financing can be found using the link: Ohio Education Assistance. This workforce development loan program is designed to help students who might find it difficult to get loans through typical student loan programs.